We build User Experiences for the App Store


Our work

At Devnex we want to help people by providing them easy-to-use, free apps that will make their life easier. We strive towards finding the best solutions for everyone and we only stop working when our users our 100% satified. Check out some of our most recent projects below.

QR Scanner'

A simple, powerful QR Scanner

Beat Maker - Sampler

Make the best beats on the go!

Buzz - Finger Chooser

Lucky or unlucky?

Click & Count

Easy digital number counter

What we do

In the start we created projects for clients and other times we think of projects ourselves. Our main focus is making projects that excite us. We always focus on improving our portfolio on the App Store. Knowing that everything is possible we don’t see boundaries and always try the find the best solutions for everyone.


By users, for users

We create apps that we feel we need or miss in our lives. Not just us though.


It's important to keep all our apps updated on all iOS versions.

Design & Art

Graphical Design

Tailored to the users, appealing to the target group. Custom and refined.

Simple, yet powerful

It doesn't always have to be sofisticated to make something really pretty.

About Us

Devnex is a technology business focussed on innovation and user experience. The company was founded in 2018 and has worked on some cool projects with great clients.

Something that is often overlooked in products is what the user actually experiences. User Experience is important in all kinds of products, from bicycles to websites; you’ll always want a product or service that works the way you think it should. During the creation of our products we always strive towards the best interaction and interface possible.

Get in touch

Let's build something great together. Do you have an idea for a good app? Or you think something in the App Store can be improved? Let us know, we'd love to discuss your project.